Hay Day > Hay Day Shops and Stores Introduction Players Must Read

Hay Day Shops and Stores Introduction Players Must Read


1. Hay Day Store (Hay Day Shop)

Hay Day Shop also named Hay Day Store is where players purchase fields, animals, animal homes, trees, bushes, production buildings, and decorations. Players can spend coins, diamonds and vouchers in the Hay Day Store for items.  


Hay Day Shop is in the bottom left corner on Hay Day with a cash register icon.

[Hay Day Tips] Hay Day Store (Hay Day Shop).png

2. Hay Day Roadside Shop

Hay Day Roadside Shop is the place where players sell their produce and purchase goods from others’ farms. It is a like a world-wild store as all Hay Day players can purchase your goods wherever they are from when you put advertisement on Hay Day Newspaper ( also called Daily Dirt). It is unlocked at the farm level 7.  

[Hay Day Tips] Hay Day Roadside Shop.png

3. Hay Day Valley Shop

Hay Day Valley Shop is in the Hay Day Valley, which is located near Roadside Shop and is unlocked at experience level 25. Valley is open when the Valley Season starts, and is closed when the season ends. The next Valley Season begins after around 3 - 4 weeks. You could check the news center on Hay Day to know when it starts.


[Hay Day Tips] Hay Day Valley.png

Players can use tokens, the valley currency, to purchase building materials, diamonds, clean resources, puzzle pieces and decorations in Hay Day Valley Shop.

There are two sections in Hay Day Valley Shop.

For Normal Store of Hay Day Valley Shop, the items can be bought when the Valley starts and ends unless they are sold out.  

[Hay Day Tips] Hay Day Valley Normal Store.jpg

The other is Seasonal Store of Hay Day Valley Shop. It is unlocked when players meet the condition and at the end of the Valley Season. The condition is on the top of the Seasonal Store page.


There are usually three items to be sold. One is diamonds, another is a decorative item, and the other is three 5-star boosters.

[Hay Day Tips] Hay Day Valley Seasonal Store.PNG

4. Hay Day Grocery Store

Hay Day Grocery Store is in the town unlocked at the farm level is 34 and the reputation level is 1. Reputation is the level system in the town. The grocery store is the place where you service your visitors with produce. Players can spend 500 Hay Day coins to get the grocery store in the Hay Day Shop.


[Hay Day Tips] Grocery Store.png

5. Hay Day Gift Shop


Hay Day Gift Shop is a the store in the town, unlocked at the reputation level 11, costing 67,000 coins and takes 1 day and 15 hours to build. Visitors of the town will ask cotton, wool, beeswax or products from candle maker or flower shops and more.

 [Hay Day Tips] Gift Shop.png

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