Hay Day > [Hay Day Tips] How do you Spend Hay Day Vouchers?

[Hay Day Tips] How do you Spend Hay Day Vouchers?


When players level up to 20, Hay Day vouchers appear. Gamers can find how many vouchers they have in a green voucher icon under the diamond’s in the right upper corner. 

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There are 4 colors of Hay Day vouchers, the rarest is gold vouchers, and then purple, blue and green. You could earn Hay Day vouchers for free on Hay Day. (See: the best complete guide of free getting hay day vouchers)


After you have some vouchers, there are questions you will 100% ask and consider:


1. How do you spend vouchers in Hay Day?

2. What is the best way to spend vouchers in Hay Day?


 [How do you spend vouchers in Hay Day?]

First of all, let’s talk about how you spend vouchers in Hay Day. In Hay Day world, vouchers can be used to purchase pets and decorations, make customization and produce fishing lures.


Players can buy pets and decorations directly in the Hay Day Shop in the left bottom corner of Hay Day. But keep vouchers until you see the one you really desire as more and more pets and decorations are unlocked when you level up. 

Assuming that you don’t have enough vouchers but unlock a mesmerizing pet or decoration, you will torture by the feeling of instant gratification.


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 (White Bunny - 24 Green Vouchers, 6 blue vouchers, 1 purple voucher)


In the decoration column, you could navigate to the voucher list and see what decoration can be bought by vouchers.


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Customization is unlocked at the experience level 31. Players are able to customize the roadside shop, the farm house and the truck by vouchers, coins or diamonds.

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Fishing lures are for the fishing area at the experience level 27. There are special fish lures made with different color vouchers.

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[What is the best way to spend vouchers in Hay Day?]

Now You have ideas about the way you can spend Hay Day vouchers in Hay Day. The next we’ll discuss is what is the Best Way to Spend Hay Day Vouchers.


There is no doubt at all about the best way of spending vouchers in pets

In Hay Day, pets are one of the methods to earn Hay Day experience points and supply items like building materials, clearance items, etc. When you have more and more pets, you can enjoy more experience points and materials.


[Hay Day Tips] Tips about Spending Hay Day Vouchers on Hay Day Pet Tuxedo kitten.png

(Tuxedo Kitten - 30 purple vouchers, 10 golden vouchers)

If you have enough pets, the next you can spend vouchers in is making fishing lures with vouchers. 

There are various kinds of fish in the fishing area on Hay Day. When you catch a new kind of fish, you could get diamonds from the fishing book so spending vouchers in fishing lures is the second choice. 

About decoration and customization, obviously spending vouchers first on decoration and customization is not wise. But it totally depends on your preference.


In one word, you could spend vouchers in pets, fishing lures, decoration and customization. All the ways of spending vouchers are up to you! Enjoy the game as you like.


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