Hay Day > How do I Fast Get More Coins in Hay Day ? (Newest Guide)

How do I Fast Get More Coins in Hay Day ? (Newest Guide)


This is the newest guide in 2021 for Hay Day players to fast get more coins in Hay Day. Hay Day coins are always a sough-after resource players ask for. As coins can be used to purchase buildings like jewlery, jam maker, coffee kiosk, feed mill, fields etc, or animals and animal homes like sheep, sheep pasture, cow, cow pasture, chickens, chicken coops, and decorations like white path, heart topiary ect to let players enjoy creating a farm world in Hay Day. Let's see what the newest way to make Hay Day coins fast below.


Newest Guide: How Do I Fast Get More Coins in Hay Day?   

1. Make a Truckload of Hay Day Coins with Hay Day Bot.

Hay Day Bot  is a safe robot for Hay Day, which automatically plant, harvest and sell crops for players. Therefore, there are two ways to make coins with Hay Day. No.1 is to use Hay Day Bot to automatically sell crops to make coins. No.2 is to let Hay Day Bot work and earn a bunch of building materials and land expansion materials, then you can sell them at the highest price!

Guide to Use Hay Day Bot

Download Hay Day Bot

Video Demo:

2. Sell Goods at the Highest Price in the Roadside Shop


As you know the most profitable method to get Hay Day coins is selling goods at the highest price in the roadside shop, imagine that you sell all goods this way, and then you will earn a slew of coins at one go. How cool and great it is! And some little tricks are helping you make more Hay Day Coins! Have a look in the part:  The Best Complete Free Get Hay Day Coins Guide > Selling your items and products with tricks on your roadside shop.

If you would like what the most profitable products you could make, see: The most profitable items on different Hay Day levels 


[Hay Day Tips] Sell produsts in Hay Day Roadside Shops to earn coins.jpg

3. Discard Worthless Requests


It is another useful and effective approach to quick earn Hay Day coins. As you know, to complete one requests, like visitors requests or truck orders, requires goods or service to give. All things need time to produce. Some requests will provide more experience than coins. If you would like to make more coins, it is necessary to discard requests with fewer coins and put your efforts in more.


[Hay Day Tips]Earn coins via Hay Day Truck orders.jpg

4. Use Tom Booster Card to Get Coins Fast

Hay Day Tom Booster.jpg


Boosters are the cards on Hay Day to benefit players unlocked at the farm level of 35. There are different boosters like hiring Tom, Rose or Ernest for free, reducing the production time of some machines and so on.


Hay Day Booster.PNG


Boosters will be as a reward in those Hay Day places : the Wheel of Fortune, mystery boxes, treasure chests(also called treasure crates), catalogue packages, horseshoe rewards in derbies, experience level threshold rewards, in the Valley Shop etc.

When you have Tom booster card, you could hire Tom for free and ask Tom to purchase goods of the highest price at a lower price.

For example, if you are at the level 40 in Hay Day, the most expensive product you could make is Diamond Ring. Hire Tom to purchase Diamond Ring for you and you could sell them at your roadside shop with the highest price. Through this way, you could earn around 5,000 - 7,000 coins every 2 hours.

Hire Tom to Purchase the most valuable items on your level.PNG

If you would like to know how to use Tom more wisely, check: The Best Strategies,Tips and Tricks for Tom on Hay Day

Hope these four top Hay Day coins methods can help you get coins fastest. Enjoy!

Hay Day Bot - Android Automatic Tool to Auto Farm

Hay Day Bot is an auto farming tool developed by Game Bots team. It can automatically plant, harvest, and sell wheat, corn and carrot for players 24/7 without stopping. What's more, Hay Day Bot can automatically play multiple Hay Day farms on one Android mobile!

  > Download Hay Day Bot<

As Hay Day Bot has those automatic features, Hay Day Bot is considered as an effective hacking tool and Hay Day cheat for the game resources like Hay Day coins, Hay Day supplies including building materials, clearance materials etc.


Kick back and enjoy tons of resource without effort with Hay Day Bot!  


  • Hay Day Bot

    - With Hay Day; - Auto plant (Wheat、Corn、Carrot); - Auto harvest; - Auto sell them in road-side shops; * Support all Android devices (Requirements: Android 7.0+)

    2021-12-08 | V1.4.4


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