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Hay Day Coffee Kiosk Tips You Must Read


Hay Day coffee kiosk is a Hay Day production building unlocked at the farm level 42. It costs players 75,000 Hay Day coins in Hay Day Store.  


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Hay Day coffee kiosk is used to make espresso, caffe lattes, caffe mocha, caramel lattes, espressos, hot chocolate, iced banana lattes and raspberry mocha.


At first, it has 2 slots to produce. It can be added more slots by Hay Day diamonds when necessary.


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There is a mastery system on Hay Day coffee kiosk to boost the game. The more hours players crafts items using coffee kiosk, the more stars of the mastery system players can earn.  


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70 hours of coffee kiosk use earn one star, which can make all goods worth an increase of the price by 10% from truck orders.


240 hours earn the second star, which can make all goods worth an increase of the experience points by 5% from truck orders.


960 hours reward the third star, which can produce all goods 15% faster.


A tip to speed up mastery: never let it stop, and fill the coffee kiosk slots with the longest items to be crafted when left.


  • Hay Day Bot

    - With Hay Day; - Auto plant (Wheat、Corn、Carrot); - Auto harvest; - Auto sell them in road-side shops; * Support all Android devices (Requirements: Android 7.0+)

    2021-12-08 | V1.4.4


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