• Hay Day Bot

    Hay Day Bot

    v- Auto plant(Wheat、Corn、Carrot); - Auto harvest; - Auto sell them in road-side shops; * Support all Android devices (Requirements: Android 7.0+)

    2021-06-06 | V1.4.1

  • CocBot


    vNew Verson:Join Searching dead base - Training troops; - Auto-Raid For Loot; - Auto-Collect Resource (Contains Coin/Elixir); - Auto-Search Clan:Find ideal base for resource raid. - Keeping active:Protect your base from being raided. - Language:English - Support all screen resolutions of android 7 - More content is constantly updated ... >>How to use? Run in the game after starting and displaying the floating window normally.

    2021-05-25 | V1.3.1

  • Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars Bot

    Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars Bot

    v- Automate Daily Quests(Daily、Turf Quests,VIP Quest,Admin Quests,Guild Quests,Mystery Box,Alliance Help,Alliance Gift,Heal) - Automatic training troops(Infantry,Ranged,Cavalry,Engine); - Automatic research on the Academy(Economy、Defense、Military、Monster Hunt); - Auto upgrade building; - Automatic gather of resources(Gold,Ore,Timber,Stone,Food); - Automatically challenge the latest level of Hero Adventure.

    2021-04-13 | V1.1.1

  • Arena of Valor : Switch custom equipment

    Arena of Valor : Switch custom equipment

    vSupporting instant item swap in Build 3

    2021-05-24 | V1.0.1

  • Arena of Valor : Switch to pre-order equipment

    Arena of Valor : Switch to pre-order equipment

    vSupporting instant swap for pre-order equipment

    2021-05-21 | V1.0.0

  • Summoners War Bot

    Summoners War Bot

    v- Rune Farming(Giants, Dragons, Necro, Secret) - Halls of Elements Dungeon Farming - Farming Fodder - Farming Arena、Trial of Ascension - Auto-Fodder switching - Rune Filter system - All resolution support - Waiting for energy replenishment to continue farming - Real-time statistical income

    2021-04-13 | V1.1.0

  • League of Legends:Wild Rift Bot

    League of Legends:Wild Rift Bot

    v# Support CO-OP VS.AI

    2021-04-13 | V1.0.0

  • Asphalt 9:Legends Bot

    Asphalt 9:Legends Bot

    vAutomatically racing and getting credits; 24/7 automatic use of touchdrive. Auto Farm career mode.

    2021-04-13 | V1.1.0

  • Last Shelter: Survival Bot

    Last Shelter: Survival Bot

    v1. Auto Daily Tasks 2. Auto Train Troops 3. Auto Upgrade Building 4. Auto Gather Resources # Recommended emulator: VMOS Pro ROM: Android 7.1 Google # Only support resolution: 720*1280 (Resolution can be set in VMOS virtual machine)

    2021-04-13 | V1.0.0

  • Brawl Stars Bot

    Brawl Stars Bot

    vNew version: optimized attack logic - Auto Combat - Intelligent attack, loop battle - Support Gem Grab map Brawl Stars bot doesn't guarantee the victory and it is suitable for new accounts. Please use it according to your needs.

    2021-05-12 | V1.1.0

  • Tap Titans 2 Bot

    Tap Titans 2 Bot

    v#AFK Mode; #Auto Upgrade; #Auto Prestige; #auto unlock heroes after prestige.

    2021-04-13 | V1.1.1

  • Mario Kart Tour Bot

    Mario Kart Tour Bot

    v#Auto Farm Cup #Auto Farm Gold

    2021-04-13 | V1.0.0

  • Zynn Auto Swipe

    Zynn Auto Swipe

    vZynn auto scroll,TikTok auto swipe! The Zynn bot will automatically scroll the screen to simulate human gestures, you just need to set the time-interval between each action.

    2020-10-29 | V1.0.1

  • AutoClicker


    vAutoClicker will automatically and reliably click on any location which you target on your screen at whatever interval which you select. Auto Clicker no root and it works on full screen apps. Auto Clicker android will help you to keep your game active and will tap the same button over and over as fast as possible after fix interval of time which you choose. Auto Clicker download is quick and easy to use.

    2021-03-18 | V1.0.1

  • 王者荣耀:秒换预购装备


    v*This bot only supports Chinese server Supporting instant swap for pre-order items

    2021-05-24 | V1.0.1

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