Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars BotBots: 2

Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars Bot




What the Bot can do(100% Working,tested!)

- Automate Daily Quests(Daily、Turf Quests,VIP Quest,Admin Quests,Guild Quests,Mystery Box,Alliance Help,Alliance Gift,Heal)
- Automatic training troops(Infantry,Ranged,Cavalry,Engine);
- Automatic research on the Academy(Economy、Defense、Military、Monster Hunt);
- Auto upgrade building;
- Automatic gather of resources(Gold,Ore,Timber,Stone,Food);
- Automatically challenge the latest level of Hero Adventure.

What's New?

1. Compatible with the game UI
a. Compatible with Resources
b. Compatible with Hero Adventure
c. Compatible with Infirmary
2. Optimize search and positioning(Castle, Barracks, Infirmary, Hero Adventure)

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