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Hay Day Blackberry Bush Tips and Tricks You Must See


Here are Hay Day blackberry bush tips and tricks you must see. If you would like to know more Hay Day tips and tricks, check:


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  • Blackberry bushes are a kind of bushes on Hay Day. It is unlocked at the farm level 26 and cost 530 Hay Day coins for each in Hay Day Shop.

    Hay Day Tips and Tricks - Blackberry Bush.png


    Blackberry bushes on Hay Day will be dead after harvesting 4 times. An axe can be used to move it on the farm.


    Hay Day Tips and Tricks - Dead Blackberry Bush.png


    Blackberry bushes need every 1 Day 7 hours to produce blackberries. One blackberry bush can give players 13 blackberries in total.


    For the first harvest, players can get 2 blackberries.

    For the second harvest, 3 blackberries.

    For the third harvest, 4 blackberries.

    For the fourth after reviving by other players, 4 blackberries.


    Blackberry bushes will droop after the third harvest. During that, players have two options:


    1. Ask other players to help revive the blackberry bush.

    2. Cut it down.


    If you ask help, after reviving and sending thank notes to the players who help you, the blackberry bush will grow for the fourth harvest.


    Hay Day Tips and Tricks - Blackberry Bush Revive.png


    Hay Day blackberry bushes Tips and Tricks:


    1. Buy and plant some blackberry bushes at once in case you have to wait a long time for it to grow up.

    Hay Day Tips and Tricks - Hay Day Store (Hay Day Shop).png


    2. Harvest blackberries only when you need them finish tasks, which can reduce the burden of your silo.


    Hay Day Tips and Tricks - Silo.png


    3. After asking help, sell something on your roadside shop to speed up the reviving as the worldwide players can see you need help on your farm.


    Hay Day Tips and Tricks - Roadside Shop.png 


    As we say above, people helping others will be sent to thank-you notes, some gift cards will hide in the thank-you notes, which can redeem rewards. If you are interested in it, see: [Hay Day Tips] Help People and Get Gift Cards for Rewards


    Hay Day Tips and Tricks - Gift Cards.jpg


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