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[Hay Day Tips] How to Attract Foxes in Hay Day


You may see foxes in Hay Day once in a while. They are guests of your farm but don’t do anything. 

They like raspberry bushes and apple trees. If you would like to see them on your farm, take a look at the following.


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How to Attract foxes in Hay Day?

Attracting foxes are very skillful when you would like to keep them on your farm all the time.


Step 1: Plant raspberry bushes and apple trees on your farm.

Most of the fox will appear in the place with raspberry bushes and apple trees along the road, but the time of appearance is random.


Step 2: Build traps with fences on your farm to catch them.

Prepare enough fences to trap foxes into fences when they appear.


Step 3: After a fox appears, you can use fences to push the fox into it so that it can't get out.


Step 4: Do it over for the next fox.


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If you don't like foxes on your farm, see this article to get rid of them: How to Get Rid of Foxes on Hay Day (Guide)

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