Coc Bot V1.0.4 supported town hall from 2 to 11 and searching dead base!


Coc Bot (Clash of Clans Bot) is updated to V1.0.4. On this new update, Game Bots team adds more features for Coc players becasue a host of players expect us to add them. For the new on this new update, the most incredible features are Coc Bot compatible with Town Hall 11, searching dead base and available on tablet devices! People can enjoy Coc Bot even on your tablet devices well as you play it on mobiles. Moreover, there are other new features added on V1.0.4. Have a look:

New features on Coc Bot V1.0.4:

1. Support Dead Base;
2. Support dispatch hero;
3. Compatible with Town Hall 11;
4. Faster dispatching speed;
5. Supports tablet devices;

If this is the first time you know Coc bot, we would like to intorudce Coc Bot to you. Hope it is helpful for you to master Coc Bot.

What is Coc Bot? 

Clash of Clans Bot (COC bot) is one of automatic game bots in Game Bots App. It can help COC players to automate arms training and fight against matching enemies to plunder resources in COC. To reach those brilliant effect, all you have to do is keep COC running with Coc bot. 

Features of Coc Bot:

- Training troops;
- Auto-Raid For Loot;
- Auto-Collect Resource (Contains Coin/Elixir);
- Auto-Search Clan:Find ideal base for resource raid;
- Keeping active:Protect your base from being raided;

- Support Dead Base;

- Support dispatch hero;

- Support Town Hall 2-11;
- Faster dispatching speed;
- Supports tablet devices;


If you use other language to play Clash of Clans, please change the language into English. Or Game Bots will automatically change the game language to English for you in case Coc Bot can't work well.

If you need any help, please contact Game Bots team:

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