How do you Auto Farm on Summoners War?


Have you imaged that you could auto farm on Summoners War? Using a tool helps you to automatically play Summoners War, and it can release and reduce the waiting time to expereince the greater monsters. A bot called Summoners War Bot created by Game Bots team can help you to do it. Users can utilize Summoners War Bot  to auto farm material monsters and automatically collect Runes. 

 As Summoners War players know, summoners need to play Scenario to upgrade material monsters, and then have the chance to upgrade regular monsters by sacraficing them. There are three sorts of material monsters: Angelmon, Rainbowmon and Devimon. Although summoners are able to play Summoners War Scenario, you still have to change the different floor, and tap start button to upgrade material monsters. However, when you use Summoners War Bot, you don't have to do it again. Summoners War Bot will replace you to do the repeat process and automatically change material monsters that you own to upgrade. It can save your time and make the process of upgrading regular monsters shorter. Summoners War Bot can help you auto farm on Summoner War!

Actually, Summoner War Bot doesn't only automatically upgrade material monster, but also can automatically collect Runes. Runes are special attachment stones for adding bonuses to the stats of Monsters. Powering your regular monster up with Runes is an essential part to equip monsters. There are a host of different ways to get Runes. One of the popluar method is to play Dungeons like Giant's Keep, Necropolis and Dragons' Lair. When you play those three Dugeons to get runes, Summoner War Bot is the option for you to play them autoamtically. Summoners War Bot support auto farming Runes for you on Giants' Keep, Necropolis and Dragons' Lair. What's more, Summoners War Bot can sell the Runes automatically you don't need when playing the game for you. You definitely want to use Summoners War Bot now. Follow the detailed steps below. You will get it as you wish.

How do you Auto Farm on Summoners War?

To be honest, it is easy to use Summoners War Bot, all you have to do is set Summoners War Bot as you wish then you can auto farm Summoners War. One more thing is important, when you use Summoners War Bot, please grant floating window and accessibility permissions of Game Bots app so that Summoners War Bot of Game Bots can be used on Summoner War official app.


Step 1: Download and install Game Bots from Game Bots website.


Step 2: Open Game Bots.


Step 3: Get Summoners War Bot.


1. Get Summoners War Bot.jpg

Step 4: Tap "Authorize Now".

After you tap "Get" button near Summoners War Bot, it will pop up a notice about floating window permissions. Tap "Authorize now” and turn on the permissions of Game Bots.

2 Authorize the floating window permission.jpg

Step 5: Back to Game Bots App.


Step 6: Tap "Authorize Now" again.

It is for turning on the accessibility permissions of Game Bots.


3 Authorize the accessibility permission.jpg

Step 7: Check whether you are able to use Summoners War Bot.

There will be a Game Bots floating icon on the screen. It means you can use Summoners War Bot now.

4 Check whether you are able to use Hay Day Bot Beta.jpg

Step 8: Open Summoners War app.

 Please open Summoners War app first then use Summoners War Bot.

Step 9: Set Summoners War Bot as you expect and run it.

Remember to select [Server] first, and then set other functions on Sumoners War Bot. Summoners War Bot supports Global, China, Asia, Europe, Japan and Korea. For configure Summoners War Bot, if you don't know how to set, please check: this Summoners War Bot tutorial or 【About】when you using Summoners War Bot.

Select function on Summoners War Bot.jpg

Step 10: Wait a while and Summoners War Bot will automatically run!

If you want  to stop Summoners War Bot, pleae tap Game Bots icon again to stop it.

Summoners War.jpg

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