How to send Email feedback in Games Bots?


Recently, we have found that many users do not know how to respond to problems, or the feedback problems cannot help Game Bots developers solve problems. Game Bots specifically answers the tutorial for everyone.

  • Video tutorial:

  • Text tutorial:

1. Open the Game Bots App.

2. Run the bot you want to feed back.

3. Follow the prompts and open the game corresponding to the bot.

4. Click "Start" of the bot.

5. Switch to "About", check Running log (Debug mode, please use under guidance).

6. After checking, click "Run" to run the bot until the "Running log" pop-up window appears to exit the bot.

7. Return to Game Bots  and click on the corresponding detail page of the bot.

8. Click the feedback entry in the upper right corner, click "Open Email" to send device information and Running log.

Just send it successfully, thank you for your feedback!

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