Summoners War Update V6.0.1 Notice


Summoners War updates V6.0.1 on August 13th.The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. You also can update it manually when you play the game. On the new update, it contatins the following contents:

- improvement about Rune Inventory, Dimension Predator and Steel Fortress& Punisher's Crypt on Cairos Dungeon, 

- preparing for the Siege Battle and reveal more details about Siege Battle, which is for guilds.

- monster skill error resolution 

- fixing bugs

Speaking of Cairos Dungeon, to collect Rune is one of the most important tasks when playing it. Actually, if you don't attain the Rune you need for your monsters, it is a headache because you have to repeat playing games between different dungeons on Cairos. Do you imagine that there will be a bot called Summoners War bot going to cure your "headache"? 

A Summoners War bot has a function to play the game automatically and collect Rune in your need. You can choose what stars Rune you want to keep and what stars Rune to be sold. It works automatically. All you have to do is set it and run it. Moreover, if you use this Summoners War Bot, you are able to farm your monsters on Scenarios automatically without effort.  Automate your monsters even when you sleep. How great it is! 

Summoners War Bot is developed by Game Bots team, which has invented Hay Day Bot, Brawl Star Bot, Auto Clicker, COC Bot and more. They focus on bringing better bots for game players to improve and upgrade game experience! Summoners War Bot is one of the bots they are developing. Let's see what feaures it will have:

Summoners War Bot Features:

- Arena Farming
- Farming Fodder (Scenarios)
- Rune Farming (Giants, Dragons, Necro)
- Auto-Fodder switching
- Rune Filter system
- All resolution support
- Waiting for energy replenishment to continue farming
- Secret Dungeon Farming
- Live stats (5/6 star runes kept, runs won and lost)

Are you looking forward to using Summoners War Bot? It is coming soon so you won't be waiting long. If you want to be the first to know when it will be released and enjoy this powerful bot, please fill the fowllowing form. When it is released, you will be immediately informed:

Having other ideas about Summoners War Bot, 

please contact Game Bots team. Welcome to share:

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