Transfer Coins to Friends on Hay Day Guide


Coins are one important curriencies on Hay Day, which can be used to add new animals and production machines, decorate farms, purchase items from other roadside shops etc. As there is no official access to share massive coins directly on Hay Day, if you expect to transfer coins and you want other friends to tranfer coins to you, check out further down the page how to transfer coins to friends on Hay Day in detail. 

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How to transfer coins to friends on Hay Day?

The only method to transfer coins to friends is through the roadside shop to complete the transference.

Method 1: 

Sell items you have at the highest prices and let your friends purchase them until you have enough coins.

Method 2:

If you don't have items enough to sell but your friends have, first purchase your friends itmes at the lowest prices on their roadside and sell them to your friends at the highest prices for completing the tranference.


  1. Select the materials with highest selling price for the times reduction of purchasing and selling as various goods on Hay Day have different prices. 

  2. Don't put AD when the items at the lowest prices. Some people get used to putting AD when selling so be careful.

  3. Put your roadside shop full with goods to speed up the transation.

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