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[Hay Day Tips] Animal Homes - Pig Pen Guide


Hay Day pig pen are the animal home for Hay Day pigs. Players can get it at the farm level 10.

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One Hay Day pig pen can hold up to 5 pigs. Players can get 3 pig pens in total. The second pen is unlocked at the farm level 18, and the last is at the level 32. So from level 32 onwards one player can totally have 15 pigs.


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When the pig pen is unlocked, players can go to Hay Day Shop > Animal Homes to purchase it with 150 Hay Day coins. Only during that time, it is available to be purchased. Otherwise, players can’t do it.


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When the collect or feed icon are in color but you can’t see where Hay Day pigs are in the pen, double tap the pen. After that, pigs stand up, and then you can see which one can produce bacon or be fed.

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