COC Completes its December Update to Add New Features


COC (Clash of Clans) completes its December update to add new features like Log Launcher, Super Wizard, Ice Hound and more. But some players feedback that there is a crash problem on the newest update. However, the crash problem is solved by COC team. If you still meet issues, tell them what happens.

COC  December Update.jpg

On its December update,  besides Log Launchr, Super Wizard and Ice Hound, COC introduces Invisibility Spell into the game. What's more, Spell Factory Level 6 is avaliable at Town Hall 11 now, X-Bow has increased to Level 8, Giant Bomb to Level 7, Air Bomb to Level 8, Seeking Shield Ability to Level 5 and Royal Champion to 25.

Don't forget that you can use COC Bot to auto play COC when experiencing these new features. COC Bot is a auto-farming robot for COC. It has features:

- Auto Farm

- Auto Train Troops

- Auto Collect Resources ( Coins/Elixir)

- Auto Search Dead Base

- Auto Search ideal clans

- Auto Raid

- Auto Search Loot

- Auto Collect Bonus

- Auto protect Chief Clan

- Auto Clean stand-by forces

- Auto Set troops

- Language English

- Support All Resolutions of Android 7+ system

Download COC Bot to get big benefits for you!

Game Bots FAQ

1.Solutions to Game Bots Crash

2.How to Use Game Bot Correctly

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