Game Bots Rolls out Mario Kart Tour Auto Farming Bot for Android No Root!


 Mario Kart Tour Bot is released today!  Now Mario Kart Tour players can automate the game easily even though just pass the tutorial of Mario Kart Tour on Android devices!

Mario Kart Tour is a special robot for Mario Kart Tour developed by Game Bots team. The biggest advantage of Mario Kart Tour Bot is to auto farm cups even if the lastest! Let's see how to use Mario Kart Tour on your Android devices.

Features of Mario Kar Tour Bot

- Auto Farm Cup ( including the latest);
- Auto Farm Gold;

- Support Android 7.0+;

- Support All resolution;

- No root

How to Use Mario Kart Tour Auto Farming Bot?

1. Download and install the Game bots app on Android phone first. 


2. Download Mario Kart Tour Bot from Game bots. 

Note: Need to allow floating window and accessibility permission for Game Bots. Otherwise, it won't work over on Mario Kart Tour official app..

3. Open and chanage Mario Kart Tour Settings.

Note: Navigate Menu > Settings> to set your Mario Kart Tour as the picture shown. Check [About] on Mario Kart Tour Bot

Change Mario Kart Tour Settings.jpg

4.  Set Mario Kart Tour Bot as you wish.

Set Mario Kart Tour Auto Farming Bot.jpg

5. Run Mario Kart Bot and wait a while.

You are able to check Mario Kart Tour Bot working status in the upper left corner after running it.

Check Mario Kart Tour Working Status.jpg


If having suggestions and problems about Mario Kart Bot , please contact Game Bots team:


1. Solutions to Game Bots Crash

2. How to Use Game Bot Correctly

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