Hay Day will Add Baby Chicks and Farm Pass and Hosts One Month!


Hay Day will add Farm Pass and Baby chicks to the game and it will last for one month. Farm Pass is a road that players can get various rewards and Baby chicks will be the mascot of the farm pass.

From Hay Day official teaser, Farm Pass is like a road where there are rewards for players. Players are able to join Farm Pass by the regular activites on Hay Day. There are two kinds of rewards on Farm Pass, one is for free and the other needs paying. After paid, players will get free rewards and paid rewards together. Farm pass will host for one month.

During Farm Pass event, baby chicks are to become the mascot of this event. You will see and meet baby chicks on your farm when you walk on the road to get your rewards. If you meet one chick, baby chicks will hange aroud your farm for the month.

Hay Day Baby Chicks.jpg

Stay tuned. If there are more details, we will share.

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