[Update]Tap Titans 2 Bot V1.1.1 Supports Pets and Picking up Dropped Weapons and Talents!


Tap Titans 2 Bot is updated to V1.1.1 to optimize the experience of Tap Titans 2 Bot. Now it does not only automatically hire heros and prestige Sword Master, but now it can activate pets and get dropped weapons and talents automatically! Run the newest Tap Titans 2 Bot in Game Bots


What's New on Tap Titans 2 Bot?

1. Support activating pets and picking up dropped weapons and talents
2. Optimize and upgrade the skills of the Sword Master

What's Features on Tap Titans 2 Bot?

- AFK Mode;
- Upgrade Settings;
- Prestige Settings;

- Auto Upgrade and Release Sword Master's Active Skills;

- Auto unlock heros after prestige;

* Support all Android devices (Requirements: Android 7.0+)

How do you Use Tap Titans 2 Bot?

1. Download and install the Gamebots app on Android phone first.

>>>  https://gamebots.run/

2. Get Tap Titans 2 from Gamebots.

3. After you get Tap Titans 2 Bot, please open Tap Titans official version.

4. Set Tap Titans 2 Bot as you wish or use the default. We recommend the default settings to run if you first time use it.

5. Run Tap Titans 2 Bot for the game.

6. Wait a while and it will work for you! Enjoy!

If having suggestions and problems about Tap Titans 2 Bot, it is welcome to contact Game Bots team: gamebots.run@gmail.com

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