How to Run Game Bots and Multiple Game Bots on PC?


Bots from Game Bots can play games with Android emulators on Windows PC to earn a truckload of materials and currencies automatically. We recommend that use LD players to run bots for your games as it can make Game Bots run even though you minimize it on PC. That is not all, LD player supports running multiple Game Bots at the same time on PC. Check the following to learn how to do it. 

1. General Guidelines of Using Game Bots on PC.

2. How to Use Multiple Game Bots on PC?

[General Guidelines of Using Game Bots on PC]

Step 1: Install LD Player (Android 7.1) on PC.

Step 2: Download Game Bots and games you would like to play on LD Players.

Step 3: After installing Game Bots and the game, you will see them on your LD Player Home Page.

Step 4: Enjoy games and Game Bots as you have fun on Android devices!

Note: If meeting a notice "Deactivate the Root authority in the system settings and try again" when playing Summoners War, please go to LDPlayer Settings to disable the root permission.

COC Bot on PC (LD Players).jpg

[How to Use Multiple Game Bots on PC?]

LD Players emulator has a multipleplayer function for people so it can help you to run multiple Game Bots on your PC at the same time. 

Step 1: Open LDMultiPlayer4 Software.

There is an initial LD player, which is the emulator when you enter LDPlayer4 software.

LDMultiPlayer4 Software.jpg

Step 2: Click the bottom right corner "New/Clone".

New Clone on LDMultiPlayer4 Software.jpg

Step 3:  Select one mode you prefer.

New player mode is to create a new LD emulators without any app.

Another is to copy the existed LD emulator that you have installed apps and customized.

Note: need to exit the inital LD players completely when copying if you are running it.

Modes to create another emulator.jpg

Step 4: Wait to create a new or copy the existed.

Step 5: There is the second LD emulator. 

If you would like to click the second LD emulator directly from your desktop, press here to make a shortcut.

Creat the Shortcut for the Second LD Emulator.jpg

Step 6: Repeat the above steps to generate other emulators.

Step 7: Start emulators and run Game Bots.

*Note: How many Game Bots can run at the same time depends on the actual situation of your computer.


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