Hay Day > [Hay Day Tips] Make More Hay Day Coins via Increasing Produce Value

[Hay Day Tips] Make More Hay Day Coins via Increasing Produce Value


Except mainkg coins with Hay Day Bot automatically, making produce and selling them via truck orders can also be in exchange of coins and experience points in Hay Day.

  • Hay Day Bot

    - With Hay Day; - Auto plant (Wheat、Corn、Carrot); - Auto harvest; - Auto sell them in road-side shops; * Support all Android devices (Requirements: Android 7.0+)

    2021-12-08 | V1.4.4


  • In Hay Day, there is a fixed price for each order in the truck order board, but it doesn’t mean players cannot increase produce value to make them more profitable. 

    There is an approach of increasing produce value maybe you have never notice before and it can help you to earn more Hay Day coins unconsciously.


    The method to make produce more profitable is to earn production buildings stars. 

    [Hay Day Tips] Hay Day production buildings Bakery stars 1.PNG

    Production buildings are machines for making produce. There are rewards when players have used machines for certain hours and then goods produced from the machine will be more worthy. The building stars feature will be unlocked in experience levle 15. If you are lower than 15, you won’t see that near your building stars.


    [Hay Day Tips] Hay Day production buildings Bakery stars 2.PNG

    As productions buildings stars requires that players use machinces to make goods, here is a tip to shorten the time required.

    Select the most time-consuming product to produce when you leave the game. 

    Due to that, the time won’t waste and you can level up machines star faster. Whether you get what building machines, remember this tip and get more coins for truck orders.

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