Hay Day > [Hay Day Tips] What does Hay Day Pig Give Players? How to Get it?

[Hay Day Tips] What does Hay Day Pig Give Players? How to Get it?


Hay Day pigs are farm animals unlocked at the farm level 10, 18 and 32. Pigs can produce bacon for players every 4 hours after feeding. Bacon can be used to feed dogs and puppies or to produce food like hambugers, bacon pie, hot dog and more.


[Hay Day Tips] Hay Day Pig.png


Pig feed is the food for pig which is made of soybean and carrot in the feed mill.

[Hay Day Tips] Feed Mill.png


Pigs live in Hay Day pig pens. One pig pens can hold 5 pigs. Players are able to have 3 pig pens in total. Players need to have pig pens first and then can purchase pigs successfully.

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When Hay Day pigs and pig pens are unlocked reaching the certain level, players can go to Hay Day Shop to purchase them with Hay Day coins.


 [Hay Day Tips] Hay Day Store (Hay Day Shop).png




  • Hay Day Bot

    - With Hay Day; - Auto plant (Wheat、Corn、Carrot); - Auto harvest; - Auto sell them in road-side shops; * Support all Android devices (Requirements: Android 7.0+)

    2021-12-08 | V1.4.4


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