[Guide] How do I Transfer Clash of Clans Data? (Android/iOS/iPhone/ iPad)


This article will share methods to transfer Clash of Clans data between various devices. Whether you plan to switch phones or to play Clash of Clans (COC) on different devices, check out the following to get data transfer. 

  1. Transfer Clash of Clans Data from Android to Android.

  2. Transfer Clash of Clans Data from iOS to iOS (iPhone or iPad).

  3. Transfer Clash of Clans Data between Android and iOS (from Android to iOS or from iOS to Android)

Transfer Clash of Clans Data from Android to Android

To Transfer COC Data from Android to Android needs to use your Google account as you download COC from Google Play with your Google account and COC data is saved with it. Therefore, when you expect to switch, log in your Google account on the new device and then to download COC. Your COC data will be transferred.

Transfer Clash of Clans Data from iOS to iOS (iPhone or iPad)

If you use iOS devices, whether iPhone or iPad, using your Apple ID will complete the datat transference since game data on iOS devices almost save in Apple Game Center with users Apple ID. Log in your Apple ID in the new devices and then you will see the game with your old data.

Transfer Clash of Clans Data between Android and iOS

Whether your device is Android or iOS, if you have Supercell ID, it is easy to transfer data between them wherever and whenever. Supercell ID is an account system between Supercell games. ( COC/ Hay Day/ Brawl Stars/ Boom Beach/ Clash Royale) Players can play Hay Day easily on Android or iOS without worry about data transfer via Supercell ID. 

When you register Supercell ID, your data on the device will connect to Supercell ID. They don't connect with Apple Game Center or Google Play Account anymore. Therefore, even if you swiitch devices, you can still keep the previous data and continue to play on new devices.

How do I Register Supercell ID to Transfer Data?

1. Go to Clash of Clan app and press settings on the game.

2. Navigate to Social> LogiN to Supercell ID (bottom right corner).

3. Go to the right corner > tap"Register Now" > Continue.

4. Input your email twice and receive a verification code.

5. Enter the verification code and submit.

6. Your data is connected to the Supercell ID. 

Right now you are able to play your COC on different devices after you log in your Supercell ID.

Now that you have idea what supercell ID is, here is another thing about it you need to know, if you want to create multiple accounts on one device, supercell ID can do it. >>> Guide: Supercell ID on Hay Day to create multiple accounts. Althouth it is about Hay Day, it is also suitable for COC as they all support Supercell ID.

 COC Bot to Autoplay COC

Power up your Clans, Chiefs! Clash of Clans Bot (COC bot) is one of automatic game bots in Game Bots App. It can help COC players to automate arms training and fight against matching enemies to plunder resources in COC. You only need to keep COC running with the bot. 

How to Use COC Bot:

>>>COC Bot on Android Guide

>>>COC Bot on PC Guide

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