Testing of Mario Kart Tour Bot to Auto Farm


[Update: Mariop Kart Tour Bot is released! ]

We have reported that Mario Kart Tour Bot is under test now and is coming soon to Game Bots platform. During the lastest test, we have found that Mario Kart Tour Bot can automatically start playing the game after players pass the tutorial in game! 

Mario Kart Tour.jpg

Mario Kart Tour Bot is a Marrio Kart Tour script for automatically playing Multplayer Mode of Mario Kart Tour and Single Player Mode. It can autofarm Mario Kart Tour for Grand Stars, coins and more rewards. Mario Kart Tour Bot will help you boost benefits on Android 7+ devices (No Root)!

If you are looking forward to it and expecting to be the first one to enjoy Mario Kart Tour Bot, fill the form to get the notification: https://forms.gle/Ut7nkQcxZ3d7UvZx6

If you want any bots for your favorite  game or have any suggestion, welcome to tell us: gamebots.run@gmail.com

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