Why can't Hay Day Bot Auto farm Hay Day Well?


If you meet the problem: Hay Day Bot can't auto farm your Hay Day well on Android 7+systems, it is a strong probability that fields don't be arranged as the Hay Day Bot requirements. Check the following or Hay Day Bot [About] to solve the problem. In case your issue should not due to that, contact: gamebots.run@gmail.com to ask help.

Fields Adjustment Guide on Hay Day Bot [About].jpg

How to arrange Hay Day fields before using Hay Day Bot?

1.  Adjust your field according to the placement rules shown in the picture.

*Start point:Orders Board, End point: Roadside Shop*

Notice: The light blue square cannot be empty and must be put a field. 

Fields Adustment for Hay Day Bot.jpg

2. Keep those places empty for Hay Day Bot.

Keep Empty Here for Hay Day Bot.jpg

3. Now go to Hay Day Bot [Main]  to set Hay Day Bot as you wish.

4. Run and enjoy Hay Day Bot.

Note: fields from all Hay Day accounts should be set as the above if you plan to use Hay Day Bot Switch function to auto farm mulitple Hay Day accounts on one device. Here is a more detailed guide for Hay Day Switch function: [Guide] Auto Farm Multiple Hay Day Accounts with Hay Day Bot


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