Play Lords Mobile on PC with Free Android Emulator


Lords Mobile is a mobile strategy game on Android devices. Create your own kingdom, hire extremely powerful heros, hunt monsters and conquere the land of Lords Mobile with your alliance. To enjoy all of them on a bigger view than mobiles computers are a great alternative option for all players now. 

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To be honest, it will be more convenient when you need to use mobile to do other things. If you want to know how to play the game on PC, follow the step to get it for free.

Play Lords Mobile on PC with Free Android Emulator

Step 1: Install LD Player (4.0 Android 7.1)  on your computer


Step 2: Install Lords Mobile on the emulator software.

There is Play Store on LDPlayer. Log in Play Store to install Lords Mobile.

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Step 3: Open Lords Mobile and enjoy the game.

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Run Lords Mobile Bot on PC with Free Android Emulator

Now you can enjoy Lords Mobile on PC. Have you imagine that your Lords Mobile can work automatically to save more time and energy?

A tool called Lords Mobile Bot created by Game Bots team is the right bot that you desire. Lords Mobile Bot assist players in playing the game automatically to do the daily tasks and collect rescourses. It can replace you to complete the chores without your energy and can work on mobiles and computers! 

Features of Lords Mobile Bot on PC

- Auto Finish Quests:

- Auto Finish Daily Quests

- Auto Finish Admin Quests

- Auto Finish Turf Quests

- Auto Finish Guild Quests

- Auto Collect Guild Gift

- Auto Complete Guild Help

- Auto Open Gift Boxes:

- Auto Open Mystery Boxes

- Auto Open VIP Boxes

- Auto Heal Injuried Troops

- Auto Uprade Buildings:

- Auto Upgrade Barracks

- Auto Upgrade Infirmary

- Auto Upgrade Manor

- Auto Upgrade Lumber Mill

- Auto Upgrade Quarry

- Auto Upgrade Mines

- Auto Upgrade Farm

- Auto Upgrade Academy

- Auto Upgrade Workshop

- Auto Upgrade Trading Post

- Auto Train Troops:

- Auto Train 1 - 4 tier Infantries

- Auto Train 1 - 4 tier Siege Engine Soliders

- Auto Train 1 - 4 tier Ranged Soliders

- Auto Train 1 - 4 tier Cavalry

- Auto Play Hero Stages

- Auto Play Normal Mode

- Auto Play Elite Mode

- Auto Gather Resources

- Auto Collect Food

- Auto Collect Stone

- Auto Collect Timber

- Auto Gather Ore

- Auto Gather Gold

- Support Enligsh

- Android 7.0+ OS

- Resolution: 1280*720 (Other resolutions are being compatible)

( Change Android emulator resolution into 720*1280 (dpi 320) on Settings of the run Lords Mobile Bot. 

See Lords Mobile Guide - How to Use Lords Mobile Bot for Lords Mobile on Android mobiles.

Change Android emulator resolution into 7201280 (dpi 320) on Settings for Lords Mobile Bot on PC.jpg

If having suggestions about Lords Mobile Bot, it is welcome to contact Game Bots team:

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