Automate Hay Day Mod Apk: Features of Hay Day Bot V1.1.0 Updated


Hay Day Bot is an effective tool to automate your farm on Hay Day apk or Hay Day Mod apk. Why do you need Hay Day Bot? Because the most important procedure of managing a farm in the initial stages is to begin your farm with producing basic products and sell them to accumulate funds, if you expecting to build a bigger farm or offer a variety of products to expand operations, Hay Day Bot will help you effectively reach the goal faster.


Generally speaking, expanding your farm happens as soon as you reach a higher level when you play, but isn’t it fantastic shortening the leveling up time by automate your farm because of Hay Day Bot to enjoy more great experience in short time? Donwload Hay Day Bot to enjoy it!



The features of Hay Day Bot V1.1.0 you must be interested in:


- Auto plant and Auto harvest

One of Hay Day Bot features is to auto plant and auto harvest crops the way you set before running Hay Day Bot. Hay Day Bot will carry out the command on what crops you expect to plant and how many rows you would like to farm automatically after you set it.

- Auto sell them in roadside shops 

Selling the crops automatically is one of the fanctions for Hay Day Bot if you don’t have a large silo to accommodate crops produced continuously. Set Hay Day Bot on what crops you select to sell and at what price you want them to be sold to realize auto selling on its own.


Because there is a formula embeded on Hay Day Bot, Hay Day Bot will caculate your crops and sell them automatically. If there are no enough crops, it will not sell but continue to the next steps until there is enough crops.


What’s more, if you don’t plan to do an advertisement on the newspaper, there is a function to cancel the ads as well on Hay Day Bot.


- Optimize the planting plan, which is now Cut→Plant→Sell


The process of automation on Hay Day Bot V1.1.0 is better by comparision with the first version, Hay Day Bot Beta. In the first version, you need to set the data regarding how many seeds of crops you expect to leave and keep them for harvesting in case you don't have enough crops to do it. However, it is no longer required on Hay Day Bot V1.0.0 because the team optimize it.

* Hay Day Bot Supports all Android devices (Requirements: Android 7.0+)



How to use Hay Day Bot?


The mechanism of Hay Day Bot is easy and simple so it is the easiest tool or rot for Hay Day. It is just to: set the Hay Day Bot data as you plan and run it. That is it!

By the way, Hay Day Bot can be used on PC and all mobile devices with Android 7.0+. If you would like to use it online, you need to install an emulator software of Android on PC and run it.


Follow this detailed guide

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